NEW AUDIO ALERT: Philly Will (@psPhillyWill) – Low End Bounce (FREE DOWNLOAD)


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As some of you may know, due to tighter copyright and distribution standards, SoundCloud has been making it harder for DJs and other beatmakers who produce remixes and bootlegs to get their work out there. 90% of the producers releasing these tracks aren’t seeking monetary gains and are simply continuing a culture that’s been in place long before SoundCloud.  One can even argue that these productions help boost the popularity of the original material involved thus benefiting those who have the rights to said material (artists, producers, label, etc.).

After going strong for just over a month my moombahton bootleg of “Drinking Rum & Red Bull” by Beenie Man & Future Fambo was dropped. It was approaching 1,000 plays which is major for someone like me. Instead of steering clear of the platform I decided to drop something they can’t flag; a track that’ll go even harder than the one they dropped. What you think?

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NEW AUDIO ALERT: DJ Philly Will (@psPhillyWill) – Red Roses Vol. 2

“I’m back with the 2nd installment in the Red Roses Valentine’s Day series. Just as the first mix exhibited, I want to touch multiple genres and capture every emotion associated with Valentine’s Day; from the good to the bad. 38 mins of good music that’ll put you right where you want to be February 14th.” –



NEW AUDIO ALERT: Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal feat. Iamsu (Philly Will Remix)


“The success of my last 2 remixes (especially “Collard Greens”) has really got me ridin’ this remix wave right now. I get to produce music that myself and other DJs can rock parties with…DOPE! This Gas Pedal remix is bass heavy and twerk ready. Yeeeaaahhh!”


#NowBlaring @AmorVsDinero SoundCloud Faves (Week 3)


Most who’ve received a message from me about #NowBlaring have likely caught on that I affectionally dub these thangs. Week 1 was, “The Home Grown Turn Up” and Week 2 was, “Out Kickin It”. Well – welcome to Week 3. Which was supposed to be affectionally dubbed – “Ideal Industry” until I lost my whole vibe of intent coming off of a nonstop work week. I was on the fence and didn’t fully feel confident that I didn’t need *just one more* and decided not to rush it for the sake of rushing it. At the same time, I didn’t want to fall off the wagon — I’m incredibly self conscious and not fastest worker/writer hardly, but I DID want to get this done. It’s my babe! With that said, I hope you dig my Week 3 picks. How nutty is this snow in Philly? Stay safe all y’all.

Nicethings front runner hops on The Wire actors lead single. Seriously, I needed like 3 dots connected to GET that “the dude from The Wire” was “the singer” on “Own It”. When I finally did connect the dots it was the biggest AH HA moment in recent history. Mack Wilds, real name – Tristan Wilds, or Michael Lee from The Wire is NO gimmmick. I wonder what’s next from the guy…

I think finding DJ Uniique opened my eyes to a slew of NJ producers I’d otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. Hear “PrepTheProducer” totally flip Chris Brown’s “Love More” like only the Garden State can.

Speaking of DJ Uniique… here she is full mix mode. Made for… it’s upbeat, unexpected, and treadmill approved!

Billy the Gent and Long Johns (“Gent & Jawns”) come with BIG sounds on this latest “Swizzy” release. And yes, the track does glamorously work in the infamous drop. And me personally, I can’t have one without the other. I MUST take this time to introduce you to the track that put me onto Jawns & Gents. TURN UP! Both tracks are wild.

Shhhhh, and here’s the ratchet joint that reminded me to back out the other 32 tabs I was in, wrap it up and click send. LOL.

What do you think of week three’s picks?

Much love,
Katrina aka @AmorVsDinero

NEW AUDIO ALERT: Shoolboy Q – Collard Greens (Philly Will Remix)


“The general reaction to my last release was pretty solid. Much love to DJ Mike Lowry and Patrice McBride for spinnin’ my “Bring The Noize” remix that weekend. I have another gem for the masses. This “Collard Greens” remix goes hard in the club. Trust me; I spun it at Harrah’s last weekend. Dirty and clean versions available for my fellow DJs!” –