TONIGHT, at UNDERGROUND ARTS (12th & Callowhill), Voss celebrates the release of his first album, Insatiable! Although #INSATIABLE (<<<— buy the album here) was released on April 22nd, Voss decided that he wanted a performance-style celebration – and tapped Phlight School/30 & Over League’s Chris Vance to host the festivities!

This is HUGE – largely because Chris Vance hasn’t hosted anything outside of The Bounce in over a year. Now being deemed physically ready to bring the necessary energy to a hip-hop, Vance has come off the proverbial bench. This is essentially his 2016 debut.

In addition to all of this, there are several talented opening acts:


A close associate of Vance, Mazon has been out of the city for a while, but now he’s back – with a fresh new look and some new music on deck!

Cain Kerner

A fellow journalist of Voss at OogeeWoogee, Cain Kerner has been working with Vance producer affiliate DJ Bear-One for years now. One of the younger cats on the scene, he’s a fun lyricist with a sharp wit.

Eddie Madrid

A growing name around the scene and Marsten House cypher favorite, Eddie Madrid came on strong a couple years ago and hasn’t let up since. Kid definitely has a bright future.

Bes Phrenz

This Philly hip-hop group is made up of Rob Devious, Richie Nav, CJ x Evan, Tay Jones & Sevone.

Kim Jong Ill

Doors open at 8!

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