NEW VIDEO ALERT: 330 (@330_music) “Moons”


The third single from the debut studio album Ain’t No Tellin’, MOONS, releases with accompanying animated visuals sketched by visual artist Scott Pierre with direction by Alpaca Animations of Groningen, Netherlands. The album, available now on iTunes is also available in hard copy on official website, Check out the VERY creative video below!

NEW VIDEO ALERT: @Skrewtape84 + @RenThomasMusic feat. @Miilkbone “Keep It Real 2015”


Sensi-Starr emcees Skrewtape and Ren Thomas unleash “Keep It Real 2015”, paying homage to Miilkbones 1995 classic single “Keep It Real” over Witta C’s rendition. Featured on the #DontBeMad EP available on iTunes, Spotify and at – Check it out!