NEW EVENT ALERT: November 6th – Plush Lords presents #‎TheCoProduction10‬

The Co Production 10

Ticket Link:  Plush Lords presents #TheCoProduction10

Once a week during this summer a group of producers and artists, alike, would meet up at the home of theSophant to write, to edit, to record, and to arrange music that would stand to become the platform of the growing collective, stand to become this very project: Plush Lords, EP 1, the first release.

The evening of November 6th will feature live musical performances, beat exhibitions and an epic beat making cipher. All of those involved have worked together over the last year and the music coming from this group has been awesome to listen to from its creation stage to its maturity. It’s been a year since the Co-Production 9, which stood as a memorial for our departed member MJ Harris. It’s time to come back together and experience how much we’ve grown as individual artists and as a collective, in that time. It should feel like home.

The Plush Lords Collective Combines the production skills of MargelTheSophant, Arcka Tron and John Morrison. Plush Lords Ep 1 features,ursula rucker, Noheadliner, Lenora Magee-Howard, Candice Murray,Davu Flint, Local Khemistry, Kevin Ai-Que Smith, Mélanie J-b Charles,Jaleel Khalil Jordan, Jamil E. Marshall, David Martin, Anwar M. Marshall,Miquon Q Logic Brinkley, and the engineering expertise of Micah Z Forsyth.