#NowBlaring “Let’s Ride” by Ground Up (@TheRealGroundUp) [Video]

Since dropping on my birthday (June 17th) Philly trio, Ground Up, has amassed 42,000+ views on Let’s Ride. This track is the first release from their upcoming project “Mega”. It’s hits hard and the trumpets are something special (you can thank producer Bij Lincs for that). When The HuffingtonPost calls your track a summer anthem, you know it’s real. And that’s exactly what this track has been for me, my 2014 summer anthem. I can hardly believe I know these guys — let me know what you think and Enjoy!

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Katrina S. [@AmorVsDinero]

#NowBlaring @AmorVsDinero SoundCloud Faves (Week 4) – Eeek Eeek I missed a Week!

T-Pain has been a staple on #NowBlaring since I blogged about “Booty Work on a separate wordpress site. I first heard Up Down on the radio last week and Shazam’ed it… stat. I’ve seen much chatter about this track on Twitter since… the guys and girls love it!

This beat literally mesmerizes me. “Dark Horse feat Juicy J” released in September 2013 but I’m a more recent fan of the track. Katy Perry’s fourth studio album, Prism, debuted December 17th. It’ll be making time to listen to that on Spotify.

B.o.B joins Ty Dolla on the DJ Mustard-produced cut featured on Ty’s Beach House 2 project. Like Cristin… I’m sold <<333. Tweet me the name of the sample track if you recognize it! The video is a great…sexy creepy compliment as Ty$ wonders whether two women he’s been intimate with are “trying to set him up”.


You might remember the single from early summer but it’s the lusty Official Video (NSFW) that found my attention. Neef Buck ft. Asia Sparks “Jack In The Box” is off his lastest mixtape Forever Do Me 6: Trash Bag King which is available for download now. I suggest watching the video soon before YouTube flags it o.O

Childish Gambino wasn’t too pleased when “Sweatpants” leaked onto the world wide web late November. He later warmed to the idea, and the irony, as the track is featured on his second studio album Because The Internet. I’m a HUGE Gambino fan and this is one of my favorite streams from the project thus far. Also… “WORLDSTAR” and “the worst guys”.

I’ve been a fan of Kid Ink since the very memorable Wheels Up dropped in 2011. Admittedly, I’ve haven’t kept up with the RCA Records signee since! Nope, I didn’t even listen to Almost Home EP featuring “Bad Ass” w/ Wale. This DJ Mustard produced single, however, is available on Kid Ink’s ‘My Own Lane’ album coming 1/7/14. It’s a very commercial track, but still – respect. I wonder what the album has in store.

Busta Rhymes rounds up Q-Tip, Lil Wayne & Kanye West on “Thank You”. This upbeat tune is featured on the Busta Rhymes & Q-Tips collaborative project “The Abstract & The Dragon” which dropped December 12th. The new mixtape is for the most part, a compilation of classics – but does include some new material, skits, and tributes.

The LA/NY production duo LOUDPVCK (prounounced Loudpack) came heavy with Twonk Team Vol 2. The mix kicks off with a ballad of “suck of dick” and holds no bars thereafter. It’s traptastic. Warning: Not safe for SEPTA unless you can keep a straight face and stiff hips.

Please forgive the delay in between posts. What do you think of week four’s picks? Let me know and hashtag #NowBlaring.

Happy Holidays!
Katrina aka @AmorVsDinero

#NowBlaring @AmorVsDinero SoundCloud Faves (Week 3)


Most who’ve received a message from me about #NowBlaring have likely caught on that I affectionally dub these thangs. Week 1 was, “The Home Grown Turn Up” and Week 2 was, “Out Kickin It”. Well – welcome to Week 3. Which was supposed to be affectionally dubbed – “Ideal Industry” until I lost my whole vibe of intent coming off of a nonstop work week. I was on the fence and didn’t fully feel confident that I didn’t need *just one more* and decided not to rush it for the sake of rushing it. At the same time, I didn’t want to fall off the wagon — I’m incredibly self conscious and not fastest worker/writer hardly, but I DID want to get this done. It’s my babe! With that said, I hope you dig my Week 3 picks. How nutty is this snow in Philly? Stay safe all y’all.

Nicethings front runner hops on The Wire actors lead single. Seriously, I needed like 3 dots connected to GET that “the dude from The Wire” was “the singer” on “Own It”. When I finally did connect the dots it was the biggest AH HA moment in recent history. Mack Wilds, real name – Tristan Wilds, or Michael Lee from The Wire is NO gimmmick. I wonder what’s next from the guy…

I think finding DJ Uniique opened my eyes to a slew of NJ producers I’d otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. Hear “PrepTheProducer” totally flip Chris Brown’s “Love More” like only the Garden State can.

Speaking of DJ Uniique… here she is full mix mode. Made for LiveForTheFunk.com… it’s upbeat, unexpected, and treadmill approved!

Billy the Gent and Long Johns (“Gent & Jawns”) come with BIG sounds on this latest “Swizzy” release. And yes, the track does glamorously work in the infamous drop. And me personally, I can’t have one without the other. I MUST take this time to introduce you to the track that put me onto Jawns & Gents. TURN UP! Both tracks are wild.

Shhhhh, and here’s the ratchet joint that reminded me to back out the other 32 tabs I was in, wrap it up and click send. LOL.

What do you think of week three’s picks?

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Katrina aka @AmorVsDinero

#NowBlaring @AmorVsDinero SoundCloud Faves (Week 2)

Best known for background vocals on Jeremih’s bedroom track “All The Time”, Natasha Mosley links with Atlanta based production team/hip hop due FKi on this deep bounce banger. If I could dance, this’d be something I’d choreograph to. I do hope there’s a video though 🙂

I like… thought it was gonna be be light work, and then it’s wasn’t. The SoundCloud comment I left was “EMYND WHAT THE HELLLL”.  Shameless plug: Emynd is spinning at The Bounce’s 6 Year Anniversary with special guest DJ Four Color Zack (Red Bull Thre3style Champion). Chris Vance hosting! If you’re not local to Philly this is one to travel for. #phlightlife

The Bounce 6 Yr

I wasn’t sure what to anticipate with a self described genre of  “Softcore”, but this song is beautiful and kind of hard to stop listening to.

Lovely, wasn’t it? DJ Uniique is producer on top of being a DJ/vocalist.  She does Jersey Club and she does it well. BITCHES GOTTA PAY she captions.

I found this in the same search sesh that turned up the 2 above.  I don’t know whooooo   is but this kicks!  In case you were wondering if Jersey Club music has a pulse… it does.

Childish Gambino wasn’t too fond over his  “Because the Internet” track “Sweatpants” leaking last week, but is more supportive of the early release of another new song, “Telegraph Ave”. Grab it while it’s available for free limited download! Album drops Dec 10th! 

What do you think of week two’s picks?

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Katrina aka @AmorVsDinero

#NowBlaring @AmorVsDinero SoundCloud Faves (Week 1)

When DJ Philly Will let go that he was working on a Collard Greens remix the bar was immediately set high by my love for the original in a “this better be good” fashion. Y’all…. it’s good!

PHL Producer Hank McCoy released his “Gas Pedal” Beastmix recently and I’ve been hooked since I found it. It’s nearly irresistible. Bonus points if you immediately recognize the sample… Hint: MJ

DJ Lean Wit It delivers with Ugly Bass Radio 006. This mix is right up my alley and I can’t say enough good things about it. It features my favorite BOUNCE remix of “Levels” by Emynd, and a mind-blowing Moombahsoul remix of “Slow Wind” that only Dj Royale could have put together.

More from the Ugly Bass DJ crew, I’ve been blaring an ill Act Right by Yo Gotti x Slow Down by DJ Snake blend that DJ Lean Wit It and Mr. Sonny James cooked up.

Where’s DJ Green Lantern? Somewhere in Atlanta being a damn evil genius. The first drop is amazing and the subs are ruthless.

What do you think of week one’s picks?

Much love,
Katrina aka @AmorVsDinero

#NowBlaring @LoveCityDJs – February Mix

End of February, already? Sheesh

Dan Fisher aka Love City Djs brings us some tunes he’s stoked on to end the month strong!

Come hear these and tons of other great tunes this Friday night (3/1) at the Bass Nation party at Soundgarden Hall. Come hear Koan Sound/Gemini/Billy Van/Love City DJs/Speaker For The Dead!


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