#MEYYGENSSTEREO | Chris Vance – Ugly (Week 4)


“Meg was never really that hype for Eminem (outside of Jay-Z’s “Renegade”, which is one of her favorite records), so I was VERY surprised when she turned the radio up for this. The last white rapper she was hype for was Vanilla Ice (and you better believe Ice Ice Baby was very seriously considered for this series, lol). Southern white guy? Didn’t see that coming… This beat was LEGENDARY tho…

It’s gettin’ uglyyyy, uglyyyyyyy, uglaaaaaaaaaay!!!”

Vance zig-zags across the Bubba Sparxxx / Timbaland classic, and even leaves in the “Get Your Freak On” beat-switch as an homage to his sister. Week 4 of #MEYYGENSSTEREO!!!

“Meyygen’s Stereo” is a 10 week hip-hop/free-verse audio series by Chris Vance, designed to honor his non-musician sister as his principal musical influence.

While you’re here, check out Vance’s latest visual! “Every Single Day” featuring Chill Moody & Jacqueline Constance!

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